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Best Kept Secret

Enhance your photos with Lensa AI: one-tap retouch, wipe out distractions, apply trendy filters and effects, and create unique AI avatars. Elevate your social media effortlessly!


Your Beauty, Amplified

Get the result in one tap.

Unleash your inner beauty with a simple tap! Professional-grade face retouching, no expertise needed. It's photo perfection at your fingertips.

🤓 Professional quality
🤖 No manual selection
👸 No blurred skin
🎥 Works for photo and video
🔥 Apply in one tap


Erase at Will

Just select object and hit Erase.

Wipe out distractions from your photos in a flash! From pesky photobombers to tiny dust specks, sweep them away swiftly with advanced editing magic, and let your subject truly shine.

🧽 Remove anything
⚡️ Instant results
😃 Works on large and small objects


Create Amazing AI Avatars

Find out how AI sees you.

Be the star of your digital world! Craft standout avatars with the might of cutting-edge AI, making your virtual self truly unique.

“It is cool! It’s fun to see yourself rendered as a painting or an anime character or a little woodland elf with eyes of two very different sizes and only one hand, even if you have two IRL.” — The New York Times


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